01 Consultation
Our consultations offer prospective clients valuable insights and knowledge about their dating lives, allowing them to explore the various dating strategies and services available. These appointments are typically 45 minutes to an hour-long.
02 Discovery
As a client, you'll embark on a 4-week discovery period with your matchmaker where we delve into your dating preferences, relationship history, and future goals. In addition, we'll have conversations around gender and relationship preferences to ensure inclusivity is a top priority.
03 Reference Check
To understand your personality comprehensively, we conduct interviews with your friends and family. By analyzing this data, we can identify what you require for relationship longevity and what you desire regarding compatibility and companionship.
04 Matching
Our recruitment and matching team meticulously curates matches for our clients based on the relationship preferences and data obtained during the discovery period. Each match is carefully selected with your needs in mind.