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We're always on the hunt for outstanding straight men for our female clients. Do you have some great brothers, uncles, cousins, grandkids, nephews, friends, or colleagues in your network who would make an amazing match for the right woman?

We're looking for that extra-special guy who you know is a great catch but perhaps hasn't met the right one. The Great Match Referral Program offers a $100 referral to anyone who refers an equally amazing MALE friend that is matched with an existing client.

Of course, you are welcome to refer your best girl friends, gay friends, or anyone else you think is amazing.

There are no limits to your referral. Submit as many people as you like! We want to thank you for helping us make great connections, so consider this fee as a bonus for being a fantastic junior matchmaker.

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What type of referral are you looking for?
All genders and sexual orientations are welcome. However, we are regularly recruiting college-educated hetero Black professional men ages 35 to 45 located anywhere in the US. Exceptions are made for referrals outside of this age range, race/ethnicity, +/-. Please note: The referral fee is payable when a referral is matched with an existing matchmaking client, and that match leads to a date.

Are you accepting female referrals?
We are not accepting hetero female referrals at this time, but we are always looking for hetero women for our database. It's free to join.

How much will matching cost the referral?
Nothing! Matching is free.

How does the payout work?
We pay a referral fee if your referral is considered a match for an existing client, and that match leads to a date. Payments are typically made post-date via Zelle within 48 hours.

What happens after I submit a referral?
Someone from our recruitment team will follow up with any questions about the referral you have submitted. They will then correspond with the referral to schedule a consultation to discuss the referral's match preferences and criteria.

What if my referral does not match with the a client?
Referrals are added to our complimentary database, where they will be eligible for matching with future clients. If a successful match is made, you will be given a referral fee payout as per the above.

How confidential is this process?
Most of our clients are high-profile individuals. Discretion is essential. We will not share your photos or personal details without your consent. Period.